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          SmartSync Pro 6.1 licenses

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SmartSync Pro 6.1 licenses

Giá: 54.00$

trong kho 10 items
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Common features: Attractive and easy to use interface. Synchronizes your data only when it needs synchronizing. Flexible filtering system to include only the files you want. Tree-like structure of profiles and profile groups. Drag and drop support for folders, profiles and profile groups. Detailed activity log. Easy to use New Profile Wizard for creating new profiles. Color highlighting for new, modified and deleted files and file conflicts. Detailed synchronization progress for all operations. Resolves file conflicts when the same files have been modified on both sides. Adjusts for different time zones, Daylight Saving Time. Scheduling support to run profiles whenever you want. Detects changed files and copy them without folder rescans. Synchronizes file renames without copy/delete. Can dial-up before synchronization and hang up afterward. Can run external programs before and after synchronization. Profile access can be restricted to selected users only. Detects locked files and asks to retry to overwrite them. Command line support. Can be run as a service (Both platforms x86 and x64 are supported). Preserves up to 100 last versions of replaced and deleted files. Local Synchronization/Backup Features: Makes an exact copy of your folders on network computer, flash/USB drives or CD/DVD. Synchronizes two or more folders with option for deleting unmatched files. Allows for your backup files to be compressed in a ZIP archive. Makes an incremental backup. Allows for restoring source files from backup with an easy to use Restore Wizard. Can connect to a network drive with different user name and password. Removable media could be identified by drive letter, label or serial number. Strong (AES 256 bit) encryption for compressed backups. Remote Synchronization/Backup Features: Makes an exact copy of your folders on FTP or WebDAV servers. Supports FTP over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Supports https (SSL) connection for WebDAV. Synchronizes two or more folders with option for deleting unmatched files. Makes an compressed incremental backups. Fast and easy restoring files from remote backup. Unidirectional and Bidirectional synchronization with FTP folders. Strong (AES 256 bit) encryption for compressed backups. Packet Synchronization Features: Move modified files in a compressed package. Can send packages to flash drive, floppy, FTP server or by Email directly from the program. Can load packages from flash drive, floppy, FTP server or from POP3 server directly from the program. Split packages by a given size. Disk spanning support. Easy restoring of preserved files. Password protection and strong encryption for packages.

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