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          Lockngo Hybrid 7 (Pro + Mac)

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Lockngo Hybrid 7 (Pro + Mac)

Giá: 58.80$

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Special features

  • FIPSMilitary Grade 256bit AES Encryption (FIPS 140-2 Certified)
    Lockngo encrypts your files in extra strong ecryption making sure your data can't be compromised. Read more (pdf)...

  • No software installation required
    Lockngo runs directly from your removable media - does not require installation on any PC. Read more (pdf)...

  • Fast encryption
    Ultra-fast encryption optimization to reduce lock/unlock time. Read more (pdf)...

  • Hides your files
    Data is not only encrypted, but also hidden so it is completely impossible to retrieve. Read more (pdf)...

  • Rich file-system support
    Lockngo Professional now supports NTFS (New), FAT32 and FAT file systems. Read more (pdf)...

  • New! Instant Lock
    Lockngo Professional now provides a new, even quicker workflow, enabling you to lock the drive in one simple click. Read more (pdf)...

  • Command Line control, advaced administration
    Lockngo Professional offers control and configuration of its features right from the command line, enabling access to functionality and settings not available to the common user. The command line enables system administrators to permanently modify the software's settings and make the lock operation faster (removing the need to enter password each time). Command line access also assists system administrators seeking to manage multiple portable drives in their organization. Read more (pdf)...

  • Remembers your password
    Lockngo Professional remembers your password which makes your next use even easier. Read more (pdf)...

  • Simple and intuitive
    The friendly user interface enables immediate use with no prior knowledge or need to read the software manual. Read more (pdf)...

  • No data left exposed
    does not leave traces of your data on the PC. Read more (pdf)...

windows xp, windows vista, windows 2003 server

Optimized for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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