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          Lockngo Standard 7 / 128-bit Encryption

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Lockngo Standard 7 / 128-bit Encryption

Giá: 22.80$

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ockngo locks your portable media by encrypting the file system of the drive causing it to appear as empty. When locked, Lockngo does not allow storing new files and does not show the locked data. Lockngo uses a unique patent pending cutting edge technology to guarantee the security of your information.

Is Lockngo for you?

We believe that Lockngo is a must for anyone using removable drive to store private information and who is concerned about the possibility of the information getting lost or falling into the wrong hands.

Lockngo is especially useful for:

  • Professionals
  • Business users
  • Photographers
  • IT managers
  • Marketing & Sales people (protecting presentations)
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Home users
  • Anyone who needs secured removable drive

Supported media types

usb flash drive, usb pen drive, portable hard drive, removable disks, usb 1.0 and 2.0 flash drives, usb flash memory drive, usb flash drive driver, flash memory drive, portable external hard drive, flash disk drive, portable usb drive, usb portable hard drive, usb flash pen drive, portable hard disk, flash drive pen, portable drive, portable flash drive, disk hard removable, removable disk drive, drive portable storage, disk drive hard portable, portable usb flash drive, disk drive portable, USB drives, PCMCIA drives and more.

Although they may appear as portable storage devices on Windows, iPod, digital cameras and memory devices which require a reader (such as SD and XD cards) are not supported by Lockngo.

Why purchase?

  • Enjoy the full power and security of Lockngo
  • Lock/unlock your media using a password of your choice and full disk encryption (these features are not available in the demo version)
  • Lockngo can remember your last used password
  • Higher priority when contacting support
  • Enjoy special discounts on future releases and products
System requirements
  1. Removable drive formatted with FAT or FAT32 (NTFS is not supported)
  2. Free space on media - 1MB
  3. In Windows 2000, XP and Vista - user account with Administrator privileges
  4. To download the full version of Lockngo you will need to run a special program (which will be sent to you right after you register) from a computer running Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, or Vista.

    For more details, please click here
    Enjoy the full power and security of Lockngo

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